Areas of Practice

Auto Accidents

Michigan is a “No-Fault” state, this means that if you are in an auto accident, drivers have insurance to cover their own injuries and damages regardless of who caused the accident. The Michigan No-Fault statute contains very complex language that may even seem foreign to the brightest of individuals. For this reason, it is critical that you consult with an attorney who not only specializes in No-Fault Law, but will also be there for you whenever you are in need of assistance.

Michigan no fault insurance will help cover allowable expenses, such as present and future medical expenses, work loss benefits and replacement services up to 3 years, and survivor’s loss benefits. These benefits are available to anyone who is covered by a no fault policy regardless of who was at fault for the crash. These cases tend to get complex, especially with the new reform.

On top of your first party PIP (personal injury protection) claim, you may even be entitled to bring a third party automobile negligence claim if you have suffered an injury that is considered an objective manifestation of important body function that affects your ability to lead your normal life, have a permanent serious scar from the accident, or led to a death. Issa Fawaz Law has a vast experience in dealing with insurance companies and we will not be intimidated or pushed to settle for less. If you are in need of an attorney that will fight for you, please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

As of June 11, 2019, Michigan enacted the new auto no-fault legislation. This legislation will completely change the field of no fault litigation as we know it. Stay tuned for updates.

Premises Liablility

Premises liability is the responsibility or liability a land owner holds to ensure a vistor is not injured by the conditions of their property. It includes many different factors. For instance, a poorly lit or maintained property with tripping hazards such as broken steps, sidewalks, or other conditions that could lead to a slip and fall injury or even death.

Pet owners are also responsible for their pets and injuries they may cause to guests. Dog bites would be an example where a property owner may be liable.

Whether it’s a dog bite, slip and fall, or even a product liability case – give us a call and let us get you your just compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Commerical and Business litigation

Issa Fawaz Law provides a full spectrum of legal services for a large range of businesses. With our in house resources, we have achieved success for our clients in some major areas of commercial and business law that include breach of contract, real estate disputes, business torts, corporation and collection disputes.

We understand that every business client requires extraordinary diligent representation. That is why we offer flexible payment options such as a monthly flat fee arrangement, contingency fee, or a reduce hourly arrangement. Give us a call and lets get it done. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Medical Provider Collections

If you are a medical provider, you should be focusing on providing treatment not worrying about if you’re going to get paid by the patient or insurance company. In many cases, Issa Fawaz Law has been able to collect your bills without having to go to litigation. But the reality is, sometimes we are going to have to fight to collect what you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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