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Michigan Eviction Attorney

The procedure for eviction in Michigan varies from county to county, although all of Michigan state's local governments and courts adhere to the same overall eviction procedure, which includes the following steps:

Issa Fawaz Law, PLC. Will:

  • Send a notice of eviction in writing that is legible immediately to your renter.

  • Complete any and all paperwork required by the court, then argue your case.

  • Serve the eviction paperwork to the tenant.

  • Attend the court proceeding.

  • We will keep you updated while we wait for the verdict.

  • Any Collections will also be dealt with on your behalf.

Each procedure of eviction is unique and varies greatly depending on the lease or rental agreement that was signed by both parties. Send us all of your Rental Contract paperwork and the Tenant Portfolio Packet. The information in these two documents will give us a head start in starting your evictions.

Michigan Eviction Attorney Near Me,
located in Dearborn & Detroit, Michigan

Defending your Real Estate Assets, require the best Lawyers in Dearborn & Detroit, Michigan.

Michigan Eviction Attorney

Nothing could be worse than having an unauthorized person living in or on your property when they are not permitted by law or contract. Our Michigan Eviction attorneys at the Law Offices of Issa Fawaz Law, PLC. are familiar with Michigan Eviction law, the courts, and how to fight for your property rights. Contact us now to schedule a consultation. If you are seeking eviction and foreclosure attorneys that are able to assist you in any kind of eviction case, we should be your first pick.

  • Failure to make a rental payment

  • Due to a violation of the lease, the tenant's tenancy has been terminated.

  • After the term of the lease has expired, the tenancy is said to have ended.

  • Squatters will be evicted.

  • Holdovers are removed once a tax foreclosure has been completed.

  • Stopping the Use of Drugs 

  • Terminations that pose a risk to health

  • Every conceivable possible instance of Michigan eviction that you could face


Please bear in mind that before serving any notice, you should discuss your options with an attorney in order to confirm that you are following the right course of action:


  • Call for the taking of possession

  • The end of the tenant's lease


It is crucial to provide professional eviction services in a timely way, regardless of whether the transaction involves the acquisition of real estate, the leasing of commercial space, or a rental, or investment property.


This objective is the focus of our office's Real Estate practice, which provides management firms, apartment complexes, individual landowners, and anybody else in need of general real estate legal counsel with the assistance they require to realize this aim.


  • Attending court hearings on behalf of landlords, management companies, and other housing complexes, as well as handling evictions.

  • Creating leases and other property-related arrangements that are specifically customized to the client's needs.

  • Representing Landlords and Management Companies in Land Contract Forfeitures Along with a Variety of Other Real Estate-Related Matters Such as Closings, Drafting Purchase Agreements, Quieting Title, etc.


Services Specializing in Landlord's attorney, evicting a tenant, evictions, demand for possession, non-payment of rent, termination of tenancy, land contract, forfeiture, foreclosure, property management, property managers, apartments, residential, commercial, order of eviction, security deposit, ordinance, habitability, litigation, escrow, complaint, and certificate of occupancy are some of the services that are provided by landlord's attorneys.

Get in touch with the Law Offices of Issa Fawaz Law, PLC if you are a landlord or a tenant in the Dearborn or Detroit, Michigan region who requires the services of an experienced eviction attorney.

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